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Delivery Conditions

Horncharts.net  will try to deliver  the ordered sheet music  within 7 days. Depending on the overall orders at that time. We’ll give an estimated delivery date by ordering.
Emergency orders are possible also!

The sheet music will be sent by mail including the associated invoice.

All arrangements are provided with a certain guarantee.
If there is something wrong with the sheet music, or you want to have the sheet music in a different key to be delivered. Just tell us and we’ll correct it for you without any additional costs. 

Rights and duties:
For all arrangements made by Horncharts.net: the orchestras/sellers themselves must settle the needed payments at, for example the Performing Right Society(in Holland Buma Stemra)  for  playing  the songs. Generally that’s already settled because every orchestra/band, or anyone who hires the orchestra/band already makes the needed payments on a yearly basis to the Performing Right Society.  
All copyrights of our Arrangements/sheet music stay at Horncharts.net!

The payment of the ordered products must take place within 14 days after delivery  on the account number which will be noted on the invoice.
New customers must pay in advance. At every possible next order the invoice comes at the same time as the sheet music.