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Mark WolfsTo Top

I started playing the trombone when I was nine. Three years later I joined the “Harmonie Concordia in Melick” in witch I played for 12 years. When I turned 15 I got involved with jazz music when I played with Big Band van Kreato. True Kreato I came in touch with Tee Pee Big Band te Horn (Netherlands) witch I joint later and later on I joined several pop-/soul/rock bands as trombonist/singer/arranger. For many years now I played in several bands throughout Holland.

At this moment I work together with 3 other horn players, witch one of them is Roel van Wijk with bands as Tilt, Manilla & Major League. With these bands we support dutch artists  like George Baker(from hits like "Little green bag"), Albert West, Maud(Idols), Quincy, Robert Leroy, Wesly Bronkhorst, Rene Schuurmans, Frans Duijts, Tavares (from the hit 'Heaven must be missin'an angel) etc., during their bigger shows. And many other famous dutch artists!
I also worked for 17 years in a  Circusorchestra in Roermond (Netherlands), and with the Tribute to the Cats band in Volendam (Netherlands).
On most occasions Horncharts.net provided the sheet music for the horn sections.

I started Horncharts.net in januar 2006! Now we're writing sheet music almost every day for customers all over the world! We love doing it!


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Roel van WijkTo Top

My name is Roel van Wijk (1976).

My main instrument is the trumpet/flugelhorn. But I also play keyboards!
I studied the trumpet/jazz music in Maastricht (the Netherlands) at the music-academy. I followed classes from Shew and Erik Vloeimans. Also did some projects with Lee Konitz en Bill Dobbins.
Now I play in the Aachen Big Band, the rock and fun(k) formation Juicy LucyBigband Swing Design,  and the EuroCity Jazzband. And everywhere they need me as a trumpet player! Also several freelance-activities for instance together with Mark in the RTist-Horns or with the Elite-horns. I also make tours through Europe with some major productions. 

Beside all these activities arranging scores grew more in a profession. The huge demand for sheet music resulted in this company together with my companion Mark Wolfs. The company I think is a force of specialties with a main target: good readable/notated  scores for all kinds of musical groups, with as specialty the horn section of a band.

Hope to hear from you!

Michiel v/d BoerTo Top

Hi my name is chiel. I was born on 20-jan-76 (you do the math) and I’m involved in music as long as I can remember.

I play a lot of instruments but my main instrument is the guitar. I also play a drums, piano and some other string instruments like the bouzouki and the mandolin.
In contrast to Mark and Roel I’m more of a metal man, of course I do love jazz and classical music but all my main influences are in the metal scene. My main idol is John Pertrucci from Dream Theater, this man is GOD. but off course there are many great guitar players to learn from!!

I started to write sheet music, when I was in a band called Remax. We did no covers so we needed somehow to registrate what we wrote so others couldn’t steel it. So I tried to translate what I played on paper. With a little help of some books and the internet it turned out to be a pretty detailed score. So I’d keep on practicing this score writing thing and that turned out great later on in “my career” 

Now I play professionally in a band called Tilt and we play all over Holland. Tilt also supports dutch artists at their bigger shows and when there are horns involved we work with a couple horn players including Mark en Roel. To sum up a couple of artists: George BakerAlbert WestMaud (Idols), Nick en SimonQuincyRobert LeRoyWesley Bonkhorst , René Schuurmans and more,...

On some occasions when there was no sheet music I wrote the scores and arranged the music for tilt. together with mark who wrote for the horns. This worked great so it resulted in mark asking me to come and work for him, and so I did!

Eric van OppenTo Top

As it is tradition in our region, I grew up with brass bands. I was eight years old when I wanted to become a drummer. My father advised me. 'Boy,' he said, 'I have played drums in a brass band and most of the time you're sitting at the sideline. Not much to do!’So it became a battalion, a small trumpet. I played it, as well as a large part of my family that played in the local brass band, for a long time until know. I’m still loyal to that local brass band.

I really learned how to play trumpet in a high level Big band in Heerlen. I also played in a military band during my service and studied music further on. I played a lot and also worked in a couple pop-soulbands such as Steamheat, Bahia Linda etc.

Eventually I was approached by Volumia! to start playing there. At that time a coverband with 150 gigs a year. After 5 years playing covers all over Holland, we went on playing our own music, which was quickly as a big success.
The success of this Dutch-language band is still at home with the gold, platinum and double platinum records that are hanging in our house.

In 2002, after some big concerts in Ahoy Rotterdam and the goodbye concert in the Heineken Music Hall, Volumia! Stopped. With a trip to Curacao in the carribean we as band members said farewell to a 10-year-old musical collaboration. On my return I focused on my new initiated own business in audiovisual activities, created a music studio and nowadays I also transfer my knowledge as a teacher on to the young generation musicians.

When Horncharts.net asked me to participate I didn't have to think long. A fine opportunity for my music creativity.
Privately I am, since 1999, together with my Giny and daughter Lente (9 years), son Bink (6 year) and daughter Bloem (3 years). My motto: "continue to enjoy !!!"

Bye Eric